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Our Team

Gabrielle Burrus Bustamante

Gabrielle Bustamante 


I am an Art History major. and am drawn to diverse forms of art, there is nothing I enjoys more than putting emerging artists and filmmakers under the spotlight. I is looking forward to making this year’s edition a unique moment for film lovers, filmmakers, and the Yale Arts community as a whole.

Eli Berliner

Eli Berliner 


I’m double majoring in Humanities and Film Studies in Ben Franklin. I have been making films since I was 12 years old. I have made over 20 short films in a variety of genres, which have screened at many film festivals, including the San Francisco Int'l Film Festival, The Seattle Int'l Film Festival, the Woodstock Film Festival, and The Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at The Cannes Film Festival.

Marrisa Blum

Marissa Blum 

Director of Programming

I am a senior at Yale University pursuing a degree in American Studies. I have been involved in film and theatrical production in various capacities, from producing, writing, directing, sound design, and acting. I am passionate about uplifting the voices of up-and-coming artists, and I aspire to have a career in representation and creative development.

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